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Meet your New Teaching Staff for September 2020

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 Just before we broke up for October half term, our Reception children had a day with a Year 5 buddy! The older children helped the younger ones with their learning and at playtime, and all the children had a great time. The Year 5's took on their responsibility very maturely, while the Reception children loved having an older role model to play with. Have a look at some pictures: 



Reception class walked to church on the morning of Wednesday 5th June, accompanied by their 'buddies' from year 5. They took part in a service on the subject of baptism led by Reverend Pam and enjoyed some acting as well!



Our Reception class have been watching quail eggs hatch in their classroom this week, 18th June 2018. The children set up a heat lamp and a safe enclosure with bedding, and have produced fourteen chicks! Everyone in school has been keen to have a look at the new babies – here are some pictures:

Reception Class loved learning all about Alice's adventures in Wonderland for World Book Day on 2nd March. They had a special visit from Alice who had brought them some treats for them to have their very own "Mad Hatter's Tea Party"! Have a look at our photos:

Reception class were invited to the re-opening of Willenhall Library last month. The children really enjoyed getting stuck in looking though all the books and listening to a lively story read by one of the members of staff there. Here are some pictures:

Mrs Pater led some Room on the Broom activities this week in Reception class. The children had such fun acting out their roles as little 'witchlets', as you can see from our pictures:  

Reception class have been busy exploring the story "We're going on a Bear Hunt". We have counted bears, made bears and found bears after going on our very own Bear Hunt. After a busy half term the children are ready for a lovely rest but have promised that they are going to keep practicing their sounds and tricky words and even try to read their special stories over the holidays. Have a look at our photos:

September 2016.


Our new Reception children are settling in well, getting busy and making new friends! Have a look at our pictures so far: 

All the children in Reception enjoyed a very full and energetic day at Hatton Country World on 7th July. From a bumpy tractor ride in the rain to guinea pig feeding and handling, sheep racing (ours did not win but tried very hard!) to goat feeding, reptile observing to bouncy castles, slides and trampolines, it really was a fantastic day out.


The children amazed me with how well they cared for the animals, holding them confidently yet gently. The children loved it. I hope you are not going to get too pestered for a pet guinea pig (or goat) now! Many thanks to the parents who gave up their time to help make the day a success. Here is a selection of the many photos taken on the day, but please do pop into the classroom to view the full range!

World Book Day 3rd March 2016

The children in reception have settled into school life amazingly well. They come into school happily and know what to do. At the end of their first half term, they even performed two songs and a class prayer in front of all the school children, teachers and grown -ups from home! Oh and we mustn’t forget how they made and decorated shape biscuits to eat afterwards as a treat!

This half term has already been so busy (and we haven’t even mentioned Christmas yet!). The children are developing a love of writing for a purpose, are thrilled to be counting anything and everything and are relishing opportunities to learn all sorts of new skills, they are always up for a challenge!


Last week, the children loved meeting Mrs Pater’s pet African snail, Sidney… he is huge. The children were so caring and some even dared to stroke him. ‘Ohhhh slimy… but the shell is so hard’, exclaimed one child. Afterwards they all washed their hands very carefully before putting Sidney back in his box and later enjoyed handling and shaping the clay to make their own Super-sized Sidney snails.


Chicks!   Reception children have recently been incubating some eggs in their classroom... and last week were able to observe as most of them hatched out successfully! With some help from their teachers, they were allowed to hold the chicks once they were a few days old, and the children showed just  how kind and gentle they could be in handling them. Have a look...

Summer Term 2015

We got off to an exciting start with a visit from the local fire brigade after the Easter holidays! Following a safety talk in class, children were shown round the fire engine outside, which took up most of the school car park, and were allowed to have a go at firing water from the hoses. Some of the staff cars parked nearby benefited from an unexpected wash! The firemen were very helpful and friendly and we all had a great afternoon! Here are some photos:

Red Nose Day Friday 13th March. Reception Class had great fun taking part in

the school's day-long dance-a-thon by joining in with Mrs Samra's Bollywood dance session. Have a look at our clip!

Rec class Bollywood

Spring Term 2015

Reception class had a great day out on 24th February when we visited Twycross Zoo. The weather was cold but sunny and we had lots of fun making some new furry and feathered friends... Have a look at our pictures below! 

Friday 30th January we sent home our first monthly newsletter, devoted entirely to Reception Class! Please click on the link below to read what children have been up to in school, what they have to say about their class, and to see the dates of forthcoming events you might be interested in. We hope you will enjoy reading all about us!

October 2014: Parents! Can we please encourage you to fill out an application form for Free School Meals, if you have not already done so.


We realise that as a KS1 pupil, your child will automatically qualify for the new Universal Free School Meals, but if you are entitled to them because of your financial circumstances or immigration status, then the school receives extra funding for your child, in the amount of £1300 per year. This funding can then go towards school trips or new books or extra curricular activities that we would not otherwise be able to provide.


Your child does not even have to take the school meals if they prefer to bring packed lunches, b ut we cannot claim the funding without your help! We have plenty of application forms available in school and they only take a couple of minutes for you to fill in - we will do the rest! And if you need any help completing them, we would be happy to do so, just come and see us in the school office. Thank you.






Reception class have recently enjoyed observing the life cycle of the butterfly at first hand! We kept some caterpillars in a safe environment in our classroom, watched them turn into butterflies and then released them in the school playing field last term. Have a look at our photos below...

On Friday 6th June Reception went on a trip to Brandon Marsh.First we talked about what creatures we might see whilst there: "Tadpoles” said Jessica. "Spiders” said Joe. Elladi thought we might see some slugs and Liam suggested there would be lots of Mini-Beasts.

Then we talked about how to keep ourselves safe, which is very important.

Next we went pond dipping to look for creatures in the water. We had to be very careful and follow the rules to keep ourselves and the creatures safe. There were lots of different creatures in the pond. We found a Ramshorn Snail, a Water Snail, a Damselfly Nymph, a Great Water Boatman, Snail eggs and Beetle larvae.

Then we went on a bug hunt. We walked through the trees, looked under logs and around the bushes. We found two Slugs, two Snails and two Beetles. We put the creatures back into their habitats where they belong. the ranger was very impressed at how many Mini-Beasts we could name.

It was a lovely sunny day and we ended our trip by returning to school and enjoying our packed lunches out on the playing field - what a treat!


Alien Invasion At Stretton!

On Monday 10th March there were some very peculiar goings on at Stretton! Upon arriving at school we were all met with a whole host of inter galactic clues: scorch marks on the field, police guarding crime scenes, strange messages in the classroom and slime in some very odd places. This could only mean one thing...aliens had landed at Stretton!!

As well as the strange clues left behind by our visitors there was was one more slight problem...they had taken Mrs.Samra back to outer space with them!

The staff and children had a stellar day investigating the clues which were left all around our school. We were helped in our investigation by our local police officer P.C. Simpson, BBC reporter Harjinder Mann and a forensic scientist, who had a particular interest in all things extra terrestrial, Brian Rudkin.

Thankfully, the aliens returned a slightly slimy but unharmed Mrs.Samra (along with Reception's underpants) later on that day. A dazed and confused Mrs. Samra was able to talk about her experiences with the aliens (believed to be of the 'Alien Grey' variety) and how they so wanted to learn about school life on planet Earth.

Despite being slightly scared at first, the children all enjoyed working together to try and solve the mystery. We also decided to design our our own rockets.


World Book Day

On Thursday 6th March all of the children at Stretton had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day! Everyone (especially the adults!) enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters: Mr. and Mrs. Twit, the Worst Witch and the Invisible Man were all in school for the day.

After taking part in a quiz in the hall, the children split into groups to work with different teachers throughout the course of the day. The children enjoyed reading a variety of books and taking part in fun learning activities linked to them. The books we enjoyed included The Twits, I Am Nit A Loser, A Cheese and Tomato Spider and Fungus the Bogeyman. Everyone loved taking part in the creative (and sometimes downright messy!) learning.  Don't forget to spend your book token!



Reception class have been learning about life cycles in nature. We looked after some caterpillars, watched how they turned in to chrysalises, and then saw them become Red Admiral butterflies which were released during half term. The children were very excited to see in real life how clever nature is!

Please have a look at our interesting photos below...

I n Reception we borrowed the chicks from Year 1



We did lots of fantastic writing and paintings about the chicks



We have planted sunflowers seeds and are watching them grow