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Year 5

Meet your New Teaching Staff for September 2020

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Welcome to Year 5!

Year 5 attended church last week and helped Reverend Pam act out scenes from a Bible reading, which was delivered by Hollie who tackled some particularly tricky words! Here are some photos:


On Wednesday 3rd April, Year 5 children enjoyed a taste of what school life will be like at secondary school when they attended a morning of activities at Whitley Academy. They were invited to take a lesson in the ICT suite as well as show their crafty side and create some paper flowers and other designs in art. They enjoyed the experience and were great ambassadors for our school. Well done Year 5! Here are a couple of pictures:


Year 5 have each been given a buddy in Reception. On Monday 3rd December, the children in Year 5 met their buddies in Reception and took them on a tour of the school. They got to know each other and played games. The Year 5 children were very mature, responsible and nurturing with the younger children and enjoyed spending time with them. The children said they loved the experience because they got to make a new friend and be a positive role model. They are looking forward to continuing to be a friendly face for their Reception buddy throughout the rest of the year.



On Tuesday 27th March 2018, Years 5 and 6 went to Warwick Castle as part of our thematic unit on castles.  It was really exciting to see for ourselves all of the sights that we have been learning about back at school.  Have a look below for photos and quotes !

This is what some of the children had to say about the day:

On Tuesday Years 5 and 6 had a fantastic day at Warwick Castle.  They all got to see a birds of prey show and climbed 500 steps when walking the ramparts and the towers.  All of them had great fun in the maze where they had to get lost in time during the event.  Everyone was outstanding!   - Valerie

My favourite bit was when the eagles came out and did a show.  I liked the Bear Tower too as we had learned all about it.  The funniest bit was when we were running around the maze. - Amaia

It was a great day going through the maze and meeting the amazing birds.  We especially loved all of the stairs (not really!).  We were astonished by the birds of prey flying around - or should I say 'Team Eagle'?  It was an exciting experience.  -Leelas

On Tuesday Years 5 and 6 had an adventure thanks to you parents - you made your children experience fascinating things! Some funny moments were when the eagle made a loud noise which made us jump!  we had a great time

First we went up some steep stairs and had an amazing view!  Next we went to the Great Hall and saw realistic, cool waxworks in amazing, enormous rooms.  Aftter, we climbed the mound and enjoyed the view through a telescope.  We went to see the birds of prey - one of them had my name!  After that, we saw a show with eagles and owls.  Finally, we had to solve the maze (it took Mrs. Joyce's group a long time!).   

Favourite moments:

  •  Seeing the birds
  •  the maze
  •  lunch
  •  the steep stairs - they were kind of scary
  •  the waxworks - they were even more scary!


We went up some very steep stairs - the view was amazing but a bit frightening at the same time because it was so high!  Next we looked around the castle and saw some waxworks which were very realistic.  There were huge swords, magnificent armour and even horse armour!  After lunch we visited the birds of prey before going to the maze where we learned interesting facts (including one about diarrhea in WW1!).  Our last destination was the gift shop which we all loved.  We all went home wanting to go back.  -Emily and Charlie

A highlight of our visit was visiting all of the humungous, amazing towers with such towering views.  Amazingly, we got to see the remains of bear paws in the Bear Tower which was fascinating. Excited and thrilled, amazed and exhilarated, we spotted wondrous birds with extraordinary properties and then we ended the day by walking through a confusing, befuddling, fun maze.  Abdi and Anton

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Today we had our IT day. We had to design a plan for a leaflet encouraging parents to take their children to Warwick Castle. We used ipads to research and Popplet to plan the leaflet. We used book creator to make the leaflet. Here are some photos:

Recently, Year 5 children tested their skills at making a bow and arrow during a special Design & Technology day in class. Have a look at Sasmitha, Harry and Kaitlyn's!

Just before Christmas, Year 5 visited residents in the local care home Poppy Court to sing some carols for them and bring a little festive cheer! Thank you to Mrs Jackson for organising the event, it was really well received!



Year 5 have been taking part in some workshops this term linked to British Values.  In the first workshop, the children thought about what values are, before focusing on the values of respect and tolerance.  The children explored these values via role play and the context of refugees.  

Our second workshop was about the value of 'justice'. After an introduction to the structure of the British legal system, the children all took part in a mock court case where they had to decide if the defendant was guilty of theft.  The children all had many interesting questions about the legal system - we definitely have some future lawyers in Year 5! Have a look at our  photos:

Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a brilliant overnight trip to London just before half term. No doubt they will have told you all about it on their return! Have a look at a few photos of what they got up to:

World Book Day 3rd March 2016

Our school choir took part in a special event at Symphony Hall on 23rd June. The event was a huge success, very well attended and enjoyed by all those who participated and who went to watch.


The choir performing....   



If you would like to hear the songs the choir performed, they will be putting on a repeat performance in school on Tuesday 14th July at 2.30pm - everyone welcome!


The choir rehearsing.....          



Summer Term - week commencing 27th April, we made the most of the spells of sunny weather we had, to go and explore the school's wildlife area! With some makeshift nets and wellies on, we did find a few little inhabitants... Have a look at our pictures below.

Rainforest Roadshow



Spring 2015

This term Beech and Oak classes have been finding out all about the rainforests.  To begin our theme we went on a trip to Twycross Zoo.  We took part in a workshop to find out all about the animals that can be found in the different layers of the rainforest.  We also met and touched some creatures you would find in a rainforest, including Bonnie the tortoise.

We met lots of other animals during the day from all over the world including snow leopards, penguins, gorillas, chimpanzees, meerkats and elephants.  Even though it was very cold we had a brilliant day! Here are some photos: