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Year 6

 We had an interesting morning at Whitley Academy on Thursday 21st November, trying some different learning activities and finding out what life will be like at secondary school.... Have a look at some photos!


Year 6 class had a great adventure weekend at Culmington Manor at the beginning of November. It was rather cold and muddy at times, but they enjoyed lots of outdoor activities, lots of food, and some indoor games and fun as well! Here are some pictures:










Year 6 Shoe Box Challenge!

Last week, children were tasked by Mrs Kilbey with deciding on a phrase or sentence and then creating a scene within a shoe box to depict what they had chosen. Here are some of the phrases the children came up with - see if you can match the picture of their shoe box design:

   "Lightning lit up the castle with a flash"!

      "Nobody wanted to enter the building..."

         "It was a dark and stormy night..."

            "The cliffs were steep and jagged".

               "Only in the darkness can you see the stars".

                  "I'm not afraid of storms for I'm learning how to sail my ship".



Year 6 enjoyed creating some healthy fruit kebabs in class recently, as a reward for earning Golden Tokens through the week!


Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a day out at Jump In! during July 2019 as an end of year treat. They had a great, if exhausting, time and there were certainly some red faces by the end of the session!






On Thursday 29th November 2018, Y6 children were invited to Whitley Academy to take part in a special Enterprise Day. They were given a tour of the school and then put into teams to try their hand at various activities and experience what school is like as a Y7 student! All the children thoroughly enjoyed their time at Whitley. Here are some photos:





On Tuesday 27th March, Years 5 and 6 went to Warwick Castle as part of our thematic unit on castles.  It was really exciting to see for ourselves all of the sights that we have been learning about back at school.  Have a look below for photos and quotes from the day!

This is what some of the children had to say about the day:

On Tuesday Years 5 and 6 had a fantastic day at Warwick Castle.  They all got to see a birds of prey show and climbed 500 steps when walking the ramparts and the towers.  All of them had great fun in the maze where they had to get lost in time during the event.  Everyone was outstanding!   - Valerie

My favourite bit was when the eagles came out and did a show.  I liked the Bear Tower too as we had learned all about it.  The funniest bit was when we were running around the maze. - Amaia

It was a great day going through the maze and meeting the amazing birds.  We especially loved all of the stairs (not really!).  We were astonished by the birds of prey flying around - or should I say 'Team Eagle'?  It was an exciting experience.  -Leelas

On Tuesday Years 5 and 6 had an adventure thanks to you parents - you made your children experience fascinating things! Some funny moments were when the eagle made a loud noise which made us jump!  we had a great time

First we went up some steep stairs and had an amazing view!  Next we went to the Great Hall and saw realistic, cool waxworks in amazing, enormous rooms.  Aftter, we climbed the mound and enjoyed the view through a telescope.  We went to see the birds of prey - one of them had my name!  After that, we saw a show with eagles and owls.  Finally, we had to solve the maze (it took Mrs. Joyce's group a long time!).   


Favourite moments:


  •  Seeing the birds
  •  the maze
  •  lunch
  •  the steep stairs - they were kind of scary
  •  the waxworks - they were even more scary!



We went up some very steep stairs - the view was amazing but a bit frightening at the same time because it was so high!  Next we looked around the castle and saw some waxworks which were very realistic.  There were huge swords, magnificent armour and even horse armour!  After lunch we visited the birds of prey before going to the maze where we learned interesting facts (including one about diarrhea in WW1!).  Our last destination was the gift shop which we all loved.  We all went home wanting to go back.  -Emily and Charlie

A highlight of our visit was visiting all of the humungous, amazing towers with such towering views.  Amazingly, we got to see the remains of bear paws in the Bear Tower which was fascinating. Excited and thrilled, amazed and exhilarated, we spotted wondrous birds with extraordinary properties and then we ended the day by walking through a confusing, befuddling, fun maze.  Abdi and Anton


Spring Term 2018

On World Book Day 1st March, the theatre group West End in Schools spent the day working with each year group to put together dance sessions and fun activities all themed around Alice in Wonderland. All the children had a grea time and really entered into the spirit of the day. Have a look at their pictures:

Dol y Moch

The arrival

At 1.30pm ,Year 6 left Stretton C.E. Academy to get to Dol y Moch . Around half past five, we arrived. Everyone got so excited as we got off the coach. We were greeted by two Dol-y-Moch members of staff and they showed us to the dining room. Next it was time to see our room - the girls’ room was on the top floor and the boys was the middle. That night we learned all of the safety rules, had a fire drill and got all of the equipment we would need for our stay. We also had to make our eds – some of us were quicker at this than others! At 9.30pm it was time to get our first night’s sleep at Dol y Moch.

Day 1 - unaccompanied walk

We woke up bright and early, but for the girls’ floor some people didn't wake up in time . Morning duties were to be done before breakfast . We were allowed cereal , toast ,tea and orange juice before we had to make our own sandwiches for lunch. For group A they were off on their first activity ... THE UNACCOMPANIED WALK!!! Despite losing a few wellies in the mod, we all managed to use our maps and make it to our destination – a beautiful location high on a hill where we ate our sandwiches overlooking the beautiful countryside. In the afternoon we went to Criccieth where we explored the rock pools: we managed to find some crabs and shrimp and nobody fell in! After that we enjoyed an ice cream before heading back to the centre. At night we did a night line which was a teamwork challenge. We had to navigate our way around the forest while holding a rope which made a route from tree to tree. To make it extra challenging, we had to do this in the dark! We had to remember the items which were attached to it.


Day 2 mountain climbing / night line

The very next day we went mountain climbing. We were very exhausted... It took quite a while with our group. We all used sticks as staffs to help up climb up the steep parts. On our journey up the mountain we stopped off and built a shelter out of branches and leaves. Also, we made a campfire and toasted marshmallows and hotdogs. Before we headed back to the centre we even fitted in a game of ducks and drakes by a river. At night we did a night line which was a teamwork challenge. We had to navigate our way around the forest while holding a rope which made a route from tree to tree. To make it extra challenging, we had to do this in the dark! We had to remember the items which were attached to it. When we had finished our day of activities and refueled with pizza and chips, it was time to solve the labyrinth. We moved from pod to pod in teams answering Maths questions to get clues which we used to solve to code and escape from it.

Day 3 mountain biking / canoeing / labyrinth

It was a rainy day and we had to do canoeing first. After we had finished canoeing we did the DOL-Y-MOCH SLIDE !!!! All of the group slid from a canoe into the river. It was very cold and we couldn’t wait to get dry and warm! After we had dried off, it was time for mountain biking - it was very fun (even in the rain!). Our last night at Dol y Moch was spent preparing for our journey home and visiting the all important gift shop.


Autumn Term 2017

As part of our work on the evolution of the eye, Whitley Academy kindly invited Y6 to learn more about this amazing organ on Wednesday 18th October.  Working in groups, we dissected an eye.  We had to identify the pupil and the lens.  It was quite literally a tough job, but we all learned lots about the eye’s structure and the function of the different parts. Thanks to Whitley Academy for giving us a secondary school Science experience! Here are a couple of photos:

Wednesday 9th Nov 2016: here are some pictures from our visit to church this morning. We did some readings, talked to members of the congregation and drummed up some support for our cafe bake sale coming up on Friday! Paris said that it was a really nice service and she enjoyed talking to the 'older' members of our community.



Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a brilliant overnight trip to London just before half term 2016. No doubt they were excited to tell you all about it when they got back. Here are a few photos of what they got up to:

Year 6 are enjoying some fun activities during their remaining time at Stretton. They are having an evening out at Feast Junction in Coventry on Thursday 14th, where there will be plenty of  food and drinks to try. Then they will be taking part in the whole school sports day at Warwick University on Friday 15th, as well as having their own activity morning at AT7 Centre on Monday 18th. And don't forget to please join them for their leaver's assembly on Thursday 14th at 9.15am where we will get to say a sad goodbye to them all...! 



A big well done to all our Year 6 pupils for remaining so focused on their SATs tests this week and really doing their best! Results will be out at the beginning of July, but for now they can wind down with some fun activities on the playground on Friday afternoon, and a well-earned rest over the weekend!


World Book Day 3rd March 2016



As part of our Theme work for Autumn Term 2015, Year 6 have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. A recent piece of work focused on the invasion in the north of England and the impact it had on the monks living in the monastery at Lindesfarne . The children took ideas from some original texts and then wrote their own diary entries to describe how they would have felt if they had been there. Have a look at some examples below:



Year 6 are settling down for some important learning time up to their SATS tests in May...


In December 2014, Year 6 enjoyed a festive visit to Coventry Cathedral. We participated in a beautiful Christingle service. Several members of the class wrote poems which they shared with the congregation. All were impressed by our literacy skills.

The children were fortunate enough to be sent home with  goodies to make their own Christingle orange. Ask us about the symbolisation of the orange, candle, ribbon and sweets on sticks! and have a look at our pictures from the day:

UPDATE 5th DEC: we are so pleased to be able to inform you that our short stories have gone national! The Literacy Shed has published them this week on their website. Please go and have a look -


Caitlin Caseylea Ellen Ethan Gracie Intsary Jake Mathew C Megan Neve Rodley Sam Violeta


Since then, they have reflected and identified further targets, such a mature attitude to learning!

We have our fingers and toes crossed that the Literacy Shed website will choose to features our stories. Watch this space.... 

Please follow the link to watch the moving film.


As part of our theme of Adaptation, year 6 have been tackling an interesting science project this week. Our learning objective was to understand how animals are adapted to live in different environments. We collected data and made our conclusions based on the following information:


''Once upon a time there was a magical island where chocolate buttons grew on trees! Yes I did say chocolate buttons (Miss Corner’s favourite!) Back to the story...sadly the island was uninhabited by birds and residents yearned for the sweet sound of bird song. This is where you come in; it is your task to investigate which birds from neighbouring islands could survive on chocolate button island''!


We collated the data collected during the investigation,calculated the average (level 4 maths skill) and created a bar chart to represent our data.


We concluded that a bird, such as a pelican (due to its spoon-like beak) would be best adapted to live on Chocolate Button Island!


We also discussed inconsistencies in our investigation and questioned the reliability of our data due to using 'everyday items' to represent beaks.


We put ourselves into the shoes of scientists and discussed the problems and frustrations they may encounter when carrying out experiments in labs.


Here's a couple of pictures....

Following our 'beak adaptation investigation' the children were keen to investigate further animal adaptations. On Thursday this week, we investigated camouflage and how animals use this clever form of adaptation to avoid prey or to assist them as predators!



  •  Blue-tac white paper to the base of a box
  •  Dip marbles in different coloured paint and roll over the paper to create a background (remember the order in which you use your colours)
  •  Repeat the marble process on a template of an animal (the children chose birds!)
  •  TOP TIP- use the paints in the same order as used on the background


Test your bird on your background- is it camouflaged? 

We enjoyed swapping birds between groups and experimenting with the results! It made us think carefully about the animals and the particular habitats in which they live! 

Look at our the birds if you can! The children enjoyed learning about camouflage and are now very knowledgeable about the topic if you would like to learn more!



Our newly returned Year 6's had a very exciting start to their academic year, with a weekend trip to the outdoor adventure centre of Dol-y-Moch in Snowdonia. Despite some lovely sunny weather, they did still manage to get extremely wet at times, as you will see from their pictures... but a great (and tiring!) time was had by all!